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What People Are Saying

"I only tried your product out this afternoon for the first time. I'm really impressed. I heard some buzz about it on versiontracker and some of the tech sites, but thought it was "only" a bench mark utility. I had no idea until I downloaded it and watched it run that it was a tool for diagnosing specific problem areas in performance. I assumed that it would only output a single number - like an overall performance rating. Then to see that one can use it to compare to other user's systems: very comprehensive."
- Perre Dicarlo

The Only Bench You'll Ever Need

Xbench was developed by Spiny Software to provide a comprehensive benchmarking solution for Mac OS X. Xbench is useful not only for comparing the relative speeds of two different Macintoshes, but also for optimizing performance on a single machine. Xbench is accompanied by a website that allows graphical side-by-side comparison of any out of thousands of submitted benchmarks.

Xbench will become an invaluable part of your utilities toolkit. Stop reading and download it now.


Version History

1.3 [2006-08-13]
  • Corrected a mistake that caused the altivec test to be turned off on PowerPC machines
  • Turned off coalesced graphics updates for all platforms on Mac OS 10.4.4 and higher
  • Switched compiler to GCC 4.0 on PowerPC. This provides some boost to floating point and AltiVec scores, and these have been recalibrated accordingly. This also raises Xbench's system requirements to 10.3.9 or higher.
  • Revised machine database to include the MacBook, Intel iMac and several other models
  • Added code to dynamically load machine database on launch from the Xbench website
  • Added support for temporarily turning off beam sync on Tiger while running graphics tests
  • Fixed an issue that causes Xbench to fail to launch on Leopard
  • Built with Xcode 2.4
1.2 [2005-07-30]
  • Built as a Universal Binary to run on both PowerPC and x86 Macs
  • Re-calibrated 100 point baseline to a 2.0 GHz G5 running Tiger
  • Altered graphics code to flush only every 1/60th of a second, in order to cooperate with Tiger beam syncing
  • Built Intel code on GCC 4.0, PowerPC remains on GCC 3.3 for 10.3 compatibility
1.1.3 [2003-10-06]
  • Fixed a CPU test crash on G5s
  • Fixed CPU and cache speed reporting on iBooks/PowerBooks under 10.2.8
1.1.2 [2003-09-29]
  • Fixed CPU test crash
  • Minor changes to thread computation test
  • Fixed issue limiting RAM reporting to 2 gigabytes on G5s
  • Fixed L2 cache speed and bus frequency to show in GHz if applicable
  • Fixed a crashing bug during the text test
1.1.1 [2003-09-03]
  • More changes for the PPC 970
  • Improved vecLib FFT test consistency
  • Fixed issue causing OpenGL test to hang until clicking in window on certain machines
  • Fixed L2 cache speed and bus frequency to show in GHz if applicable
  • Improved optimization on AltiVec basic test
  • Better optimized stream tests for G4, G5 (thanks Chris Cox)
  • Added build number to System Version
1.1 [2003-08-23]
  • Optimized for the PowerMac G5, compiled with GCC 3.3
  • Avoid use of vec_dst on PowerPC 970 for better performance
  • Changes to the AltiVec test to reduce dependence on memory bandwidth
  • Removed use of vec_dstt
  • Changes to floating point test
  • Added vecLib FFT test
  • Added automatic machine type detection
  • Fixed an issue where the results submission sheet caused the results window to become catatonic
  • Prettier submit button
  • Recalibration of CPU tests, Disk tests
  • Fixed spinning rainbow cursor during OpenGL test
1.0 [2003-01-27]
  • first non-beta release
  • added "Model" detection
  • added CPU Version detection
  • made cache reporting more reliable on upgraded machines
  • made processor type detection more reliable on upgraded machines
  • corrected a crash while gathering cache information
  • improved video card detection on a variety of machines
  • fixed detection of dual processors
  • fixed a problem causing the UI test to display progressively lower results each time it was run
  • added progress sheet for results submission
  • fixed a potential crash while submitting
1.0b7 [2003-01-22]
  • added drive type reporting
  • added video card type reporting
  • improved L2 & L3 cache reporting for upgrade cards, added cache speed reporting
  • fixed a potential crash in the User Interface test
  • fixed a potential crash when an individual test returns its results
  • added a small pause between tests to allow the UI to catch up
1.0b6 [2003-01-16]
  • fixed issue causing the User Interface test to freeze
  • fixed a bug causing machines to list their processor speeds as "1000.00 GHz", rather than "1.00 GHz"
  • added G4 Cube, G4 Digital Audio, G4 Gigabit, and G4 Sawtooth to system list
  • reformatted Read Me to wrap better
1.0b5 [2003-01-14]
  • Fixed last minute bug causing processor info to be omitted
1.0b4 [2003-01-13]
  • added results comparison via website
  • revised main window interface
  • stylized icon further
  • added stop button to status window
  • extended help menu
  • switched to a harmonic score average
  • added L2 and L3 cache and bus speed reporting
  • removed Thread memory contention test, as it didn't give predictable or useful results
  • improved results stability for disk test, sped up 4K block tests
  • allowed OpenGL test to run on machines without hardware acceleration
  • Xbench now quits on closing the main application window
  • improved error handling
1.0b3 [2002-11-24]
  • added "Spinning Squares" OpenGL test
  • fixed altivec test to better utilize caches & not cause VM thrash on low memory machines
  • added 4k block size disk test (simulates heavy VM paging)
  • fixed bug causing erroneously high results on almost-full disks
  • added L1 cache size, and bus frequency reporting [L2 and L3 reporting not yet working]
  • added document icons
1.0b2 [2002-09-22]
  • added option to save file in Xbench format, or as a plain text file
  • added ability to copy benchmark results as text
  • added popup to allow selection of disk to benchmark
  • new "Thread Test"
  • added a "System Info" section
  • new AltiVec test [within CPU test]
  • added a new "Detail" column, giving unit/second measures for most tests
  • added an error dialog when run on pre-10.2 systems
  • fixed an error causing the UI test to run slower on dual processor systems
  • re-calibrated the disk test to use an IDE disk, pending tech support on ATTO SCSI card
  • fixed an error causing the graphics test to produce the following console log message: kCGErrorFailure : CGContextClosePath: no current point
1.0b1 [2002-09-15]
  • first public release

Why yes, it does do your laundry

Xbench currently features the following tests:
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